Increase Gross - Chrome Delete

Acquiring new inventory can be challenging. We don’t always get to select the perfect vehicle. Maybe we are buying vehicles at auction that have minor curb rash on the wheels. Or, a small scratch on the mirror which is right in your buyer’s face. 

Chevrolet in the backlot? Request a free package for a Silverado sitting on your lot. 

Ford in the backlot? Request a free package for a F150 sitting on your lot.

Toyota in the backlot? Request a free package for an Tacoma sitting on your lot.

“That’s the one!” - Give them what they WANT

The words we want to hear. You have overcome the first obstacle in the sales process simply with the help and products from our Chrome Enhancements team. Request our staff to come out and professionally install an upgraded used vehicle package on your lot to see the difference. 

Turn your used car inventory faster than your competition

You don’t always have the control of the color, options, and trim with an auction vehicle. Chrome Enhancements has solutions for your used car inventory with Chrome Delete, Blackout Packages, and vehicle enhancements.

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